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Claim your free e-book “The Introduction to Path2: A Better Path to Happiness & Success

Preview the on-line course and learn about:

  • The dangers of the myth that success leads to happiness.
  • How the hardening of unhappiness becomes a lifetime of regret.
  • Why the Path2 Program is effective and transformative.
  • How to tell if you are ready.


Working with Rob one-on-one will elevate your career, relationships, and your quality of life.  

A one-on-one engagement with Rob addresses thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors in order to increase productive energy and decrease the negative effects of stress.  The focus of private coaching is identifying solutions and creating action plans, with accountability, to increase the probability of success.  Rob’s guidance enables you to see, consider, and do things beyond what you previously thought was achievable.

One-on-one private coaching engagements can address all aspects of your integrated life, including:

  • Personal Progress and Development
  • Professional Promotions and Success
  • Personal and Professional Relationships
  • Parenting & Family
  • Physical Health, Wellness, and Performance
  • Prosperity, Profit, and Financial Health
  • Prominence and Leadership

To learn more about how working with Rob one-on-one can help you, schedule a free introductory call.

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