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  • The dangers of the myth that success leads to happiness.
  • How the hardening of unhappiness becomes a lifetime of regret.
  • Why the Path2 Program is effective and transformative.
  • How to tell if you are ready.


Rob provides passionate and engaging presentations.

Signature Speeches

3 Questions to Change Your Life: Getting Unstuck and Avoiding Regret

What if you could get unstuck and be happy today?  Maybe you feel stuck someplace in your life – career, relationships, family, or personally.

There is a cause and effect relationship with feeling stuck and feeling lifelong regret.  When we stay stuck, we end up with a lifetime of regret, wondering “what if.”

Feeling stuck has nothing to do with us; instead it is caused when we are on the wrong path for what we want out of life.   Answering 3 questions is the first and most important step to getting unstuck before it’s too late.

Rob’s message is simple but powerful, and his life-changing principle provides hope and practical application for parents and professionals that feel stuck.

Other Speeches

  • Avoid the CCO Burn-Out
  • From Stress To Success: How To Break The Stress Cycle For More Effectiveness
  • Get Integrated AF: Superior Solution to Work-Life Imbalance
  • When Life is a Dumpster Fire, Make S’Mores:  Survive and Thrive After Devastation

Speaking engagements, workshops, and training seminars can also be tailored to meet the needs of an organization, addressing an array of topics related to professional and personal performance and passion.  Engagements are planned in collaboration with the objectives of the organization, delivering education and insight from the Path2 philosophy through practical and actionable measures.

Rob has over 15 years of speaking experience and consistently receives positive evaluations from attendees.

Speaking engagements, workshops, and training seminars require collaboration and planning. Therefore, Rob limits the number of such engagements each month to ensure a quality, productive, and invaluable experience.

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